Tuition Refund Policy

This policy replaces any previous policy and is in effectNovember 1st 2013.

It is understood there may be unplanned events which may occur, causing a student’s pathway to change. This may mean the student must withdraw from the program of study or an individual subject.
In order to avoid a decision being considered ‘subjective’ in nature, the reason for withdrawal must not be a consideration factor. It is only a matter of the student providing written notice to withdraw from a course and at what point he/she elects to do so.
A determining factor in the refund calculation will be the number of completed classes within a subject. This is defined as the amount of class hours that have been presented by the Academy and not the number of classes the student has attended in the subject.

  • If a student withdraws, he/she is entitled to a refund under certain circumstances.
  • withdrawal from a program or subject must be advised to the Academy in writing. An email is acceptable as long as the email address is clearly identifiable to the student.
  • Verbal or telephone notification to any member of staff, faculty or other person will not be accepted.
  •  The student will continue to be considered as ‘enrolled/registered’ until such time that written notice is received.
  • The date for calculating the refund will be the date that the written notice is received by the IANHSciences Registrar/Executive Director/Principal
  • The principal objective of the policy is to be ‘equitable to all students’.

Step 1: Key Points
The following key points will be helpful in understanding this policy:

  • Tuition fees are inclusive of any handouts, class notes and services provided by the Academy to the student body. There is no cash value to those items in a refund and nor does the Academy charge an additional amount for them if a student withdraws.
  • In the event the Student withdraws or is asked to leave by the Academy, the Student understands and agrees that he/she is financially obligated to the Academy for the appropriate amount of tuition fees
  • If a student pays for a subject but elects not to attend all classes as presented, there is no partial refund for hours not taken and the number of hours presented and/or assigned for supervised home/on-site study, represents the basis for the calculation.

  • Refunds which are payable by the Academy will be issued to the student within 30 days of receipt of a withdrawal letter.
  • For courses/subjects held at the International Academy of Health Education and conducted by private contractors, who have rented the facilities, the refund policy will be specific to the contractor and the Academy is not responsible for refunds in any way.

Step 2: Determine Stage of Withdrawal
(A) Prior to 7 days before the start of a subject:
• Tuition Fee: – Full refund or transfer of financial credit, as selected by the student.
• Textbooks, full refund less a 10% restocking charge, providing they are returned in their original condition without markings or student name, within 10 days of the withdrawal.
(B) Withdrawal within 7 days of the start of a semester: –

The refund will be the amount of the tuition fees paid, less 20% (up to a maximum of $500.00).
Textbooks, full refund less a 10% restocking charge, providing they are returned in their original condition without markings or student name, within 10 days of the withdrawal.
(C) Withdrawal after the start of a semester:
(C ) 1. If less than 50% of the hours for a scheduled subject have been presented as     scheduled to the time of withdrawal:

  • the refund will be calculated on the prorated number of hours presented to the time of withdrawal plus a withdrawal fee of 20% of the tuition paid for the subject.
  • If a student has registered for more than 1 subject in the semester, the maximum accumulative withdrawal fee will be $500.00

(C ). 2 If more than 50% of the hours for a registered subject have been presented as   scheduled to the time of withdrawal:

  • there is no refund payable – generally this would be at the end of class 6 in a 12 class subject, being taught in 2 hour classes.
  • Textbooks purchased from the Academy and returned in their original condition within 10 days of a withdrawal, will be refunded subject to a 10% restocking charge.

Example 1:
Student withdraws after 2 classes of a scheduled 12 class subject and the tuition fee was $260.00.
The student refund would be calculated as follows:
(i) 2/12= .17% of the course. $260.00 x.17=$44.20
(ii) Withdrawal Fee = 20% of Tuition Fee
$260.00 x.20 =$52.00
Refund to student would be:
$260.00 less $44.20, less $52.00=$163.80
Example 2:
A student is taking 6 subjects and has paid for the 6 subjects at the start of the semester. He/she withdraws from the subjects after 1 month:
At this time the student will have completed 33% of the subjects.
Tuition Fee Paid:                       6x$260=          $1,560.00
Pro-rated amount payable:        $1560 x .33=   $   514.80
plus 20% withdrawal fee:          $1560 x.20=    $   312.00
The refund due to the student will be:                    $   733.20

Example 3:
Student attends some part of the first day of a 2 day course comprising 12 hours, does not withdraw in writing on day 1 and elects not to attend day 2: – no refund would apply.
Example 4:
The Academy has presented more than 50% of the subject – no refund would apply.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Registrar at 613 820-0318.