Acupuncture Practitioner – Diploma Program


This 88 credit Acupuncture Practitioner diploma program is based upon a 2114 hour curriculum develops a level knowledge of Acupuncture which is similar to the standards established for practice in British Columbia, Canada. Each credit is approximately equivalent to 24 contact hours, based upon a class size of 18.

The Program may be completed on either a Full-time or Part-time basis.

This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Graduates of TCM diploma programs must pass qualifying examinations held by the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO) ( to become registered to work in the province of Ontario. The examinations will be conducted in either English or French and potential registrants must have landed immigrant status or Canadian citizenship and not have a criminal record.

Transfer Students – Prior Related Education: Upon request the Academy will assess applicants for related transfer creditsexemptions and challenge examinations as applicable. Requests must be made during the application period and prior to the issuance of a letter of acceptance. If transferring from another TCM school, request a “transfer application form”. (Policy on Website) All applicable International Academy of Health Education credits are fully transferable.

TCM Diploma Programs accept 32 transfer credits for RMT’s due to their previous related education.

Goals of Acupuncture
TCM acupuncture strives to put the body systems back in balance. Acupuncturists, through the skillful & careful placement of needles on “acupuncture points” (“xue” in Chinese), treat what we call “patterns of disharmony”. The end result is to clear the energy blockages and return the body to its normal flow and function. Personal health is about body balance and disease is the consequence of imbalance. An excess the wrong way leads to trouble in the body. Acupuncture is actually a gentle and effective way of bringing the body back into balance. The needles do not usually cause pain and the whole experience can bring about a sense of body calming.

In Chinese medicine, we use the term Qi ( pronounced CHEE) and this means vital energy or life force and enhancing or fixing Qi is fundamental to the path of prevention or curing body ailments.

The Acupuncture Diploma program is comprised of four principal componentsencompassing 88 credits of study:

  • TCM Sciences -34 credits
  • TCM Treatments and Clinical Application 24.5 credits
  • Health Sciences 24 credits
  • General Practitioner Knowledge: 6.5 credits

Full-time – this equivalent 3 academic year program can be completed in 30-36 months –program starts March & September
-may also be started Part-Time with a transfer to the Full-time program
Part-time – starts March & September
–flexible completion – designed for full completion within 48 months
-the estimated time to complete the program can range between 3 to 5 years, depending on the availability of the student for scheduled subjects

Acupuncture Practitioner Subject Overview (January 2014)
*This is a competency focused program which utilizes a credit being the equivalent of a 24 hour class teaching a class size of 18. As such, non-clinical class hours may be scheduled to match the required time for the class size to achieve competency in the subject material. Clinical/patient hours are finite.

Health Sciences                   24 credits 
Anatomy/Physiology 1
Anatomy/Physiology 2
Anatomy/Physiology 3
Anatomy/Physiology 4
Anatomy 5
Anatomy 6
Anatomy 7
Anatomy 8
Pathology 1
Pathology 2
Pathology 3
Pathology 4
Pathology 5
Pathology 6
Pathology 7
Pathology 8
Physiology 5
Physiology 6
Physiology 7
Physiology 8
Physiology /Neuroscience
TCM Anatomy/ Myology 1
TCM Anatomy/ Myology 2

TCM Sciences                      34 credits
Acupuncture Point Functions 1
Acupuncture Point Functions 2
Acupuncture Points Locations 1
Acupuncture Points Locations 2
Acupuncture Without Needles     .5
Advanced Acupuncture Theory
Chinese Herbal Formula Differentiation
Clean Needle Technique/(.5)
Depths & Angles(.5)
Materia Medica 1
Materia Medica 2
Meridian Theory
Qi Gong
Tai Chi .5
TCM Assessment/Diagnosis
TCM Classics
TCM Dermatology / 5 Senses
TCM External Diseases
TCM Geriatrics
TCM Gynecology/Male Ailments 1
TCM Gynecology/Male Ailments 2
TCM Internal Medicine 1
TCM Internal Medicine 2
TCM Law & the Regulations
TCM Modern Mental Diseases
TCM Modern Physical Diseases
TCM Nutrition/Food Cures
TCM Orthopedics
TCM Pain Management and Rehabilitation
TCM Pediatrics
TCM Sr. Needling Lab
TCM Terminology
TCM Theory Foundations
Techniques of Acupuncture
Tuina 1
Tuina 2

Clinical Assessment & Treatment 24.5 credits (equivalency of 588 class hours)
TCM Clinical Patient Observation 2.5 credits (60 hours) 
TCM Supervised Direct Patient Contact 21 credits (504 hours) 
TCM Clinical Case Studies 1 credit (24 hours)

General Practitioner Knowledge 6.5 credits 
Business Skills
Therapeutic Communications and the
Healthcare Professional
Ethics and the Healthcare Professional .5 credit
First Aid (St. John Ambulance)
Integrative Studies
Professionalism and the
Healthcare Practitioner .5 credit
Research 1 & Interpretive Studies

Final Examination and Preparation for Registration .5 Credit
Acupuncture Comprehensive Examinations .25 credit
Acupuncture License Preparation .25 credit

Total Hours/24 Hour Units 89 credits (equivalency of 2136 class contact hours)