International Academy of Massage Attendance Policy

All scheduled class or on-site/off-site hours and all supervised clinic hours must be attended as scheduled.

It is the expectation that the student will actively participate and complete his/her responsibilities to attend the full program as presented and as such the Academy encourages its students to attend 100% of the scheduled program.

Historically, it has been demonstrated that there is a strong correlation between a student’s success in the program and attendance/participation.

As required under The Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 attendance will be recorded. Attendance will be taken by Faculty for each class, practical training session or clinical/outreach day and submitted to the Academy Administration Office for recording.

Attendance may be taken at anytime during the class or off-site activity.

o       A student should not be of the opinion, that because a course fee has been paid, that the student has an option of attending classes or completing assignments.

o       If a student is late or leaves early, more than 2 times for the same subject/module, it will be counted as 1 missed hour.

o       When a student undertakes enrolment in the program, he/she undertakes to commit their best efforts to meet the standards of the Academy. Poor attendance may lead to ineligibility to undertake examinations, suspension and potentially, subsequent expulsion from the Academy.

o       The designated hours for hands-on ‘on-site or off-site’ clinicial/activities cannot be reduced but may be exceeded by the student.




Important Note:

o       If a student misses more than 25% (6 hours) of a 1 credit unit of study, the matter will be reviewed by the Educational Committee and he/she may not be eligible to write the examination for that unit of study (The Committee assesses the reasons for the absence and the relativity of the missed hours within the overall program).

Important: Examination Eligibility

A student will become ineligible to write academic or oral practical, semester or final, examinations for a subject, if he/she has missed the following number of hours for the subject/clinic.

            Subject/Unit Length                           Hours Missed to Cause

                                    Credits                                    Ineligibility to Examination

o         1                                                        6.0

o        1.5                                                      6.0

o        2                                                         10.5

o        4                                                         14.5

o       6                                                          21.5

  • A student must have completed 100% of supervised public wellness clinical hours in to order to undertake the final oral practical examination conducted at the end of the program. There is no exception to this policy.

Academic/ Theory Class Exceptions: It is acknowledged that a student may miss hours due to unforeseen occurrences. Any combined absence longer than 5 days in a semester will require the review and approval of the Education Committee to assess the student’s eligibility for writing the semester examinations. Requests for absence due to vacation will not be entertained.

o                                Doctor’s Certificate

A Doctor’s certificate is required for more than 2 days of absence.

o                                Bereavement-up to 3 days


In either of the foregoing situations, the student will need to meet with the RMT Program Director and receive assignments related to the material missed, for completion and subsequent signoff by the Program Director. Short absences within this category will not cause a student to become ineligible to undertake the semester examinations.



Supervised Skill Application Hours-Minimum Requirement

  • A student must participate in a minimum of 444 hours of clinical practice, out-reach/off-site public days and scheduled on-site practice or co-op participation, in order to be recommended for the CMTO Provincial examinations.

o       If the minimum number of supervised clinical hours (252 hour category) is not obtained, then the student must make up the difference in clinical participation.

o       If a student misses student public clinic wellness hours or scheduled supervised off-sites, the student will be required to undertake the number of hours missed, by participating in additional supervised clinics and off-sites. This may delay the student from completing his/her program as originally scheduled while the missed hours are replaced by participation in future events. Missing student public wellness clinics impacts the public, student peers and the supervisor of the clinic and grade demerits may be applied to the grade for the subject area.

o       While the Academy will maintain a student attendance record, it is the student’s mutual responsibility to keep a personal record of supervised clinical and off-site events as well as to meet the required hours established in the program.

o       This may be accomplished by using the Activity record Form available at the Administration Office.

Supervised Hours – Best Guidance

o       The application of theory is a key component of studies and there is no substitute for hands-on practice on clients, whether they are healthy adults, seniors, infants or athletes. Challenge yourself to exceed the minimum bar and build a strong base and approach for your future practice.

Missed Hours

As the program is very comprehensive and is structured on a cumulative building block basis, continuous attendance is highly beneficial.

What happens if a student misses a class?

The Faculty member will record the absence on the class register.

It will then be transferred to the individual student’s personal record of attendance.

Students will be provided with a detailed report of ‘missed hours’ on a periodic basis (through semesters 2-6).

The Missed Hours’ report will exhibit both academic and practical hours.

Missed hours will impact the participation grade portion for the overall mark for the subject.

All hands-on missed hours for activities involving the public must be made up prior to undertaking the final program examinations. This may delay the student’s completion schedule as originally established.

Exemplary Participation Award:

Begin building your record of voluntary hours in the first semester. Become diligent in the completion of your personal record of voluntary participation hours.

If a student exceeds 2500 total participation hours (2304 program plus 196 extra participation hours), he/she is eligible for a top participation award, to be presented at Graduation. Ensure you have all qualifying hours recorded. Some students have exceeded the listed program hours by over 500 hours.

Which hours are eligible?

o       Recorded on-site hours from all categories of academic study are eligible.

o       Recorded hours from all categories of hands-on practice which are in addition to the scheduled requirement are eligible.

Note: There is no additional tuition fee for a student who wishes to exceed hands-on skill development hours through additional on-site clinical or off-site participation.

o       Tutoring/mentoring students in another class in the same subject, under the guidance of the Program Director are eligible. (Bloom’s Taxonomy supports this activity to be a strong learning tool for students.)

Personal study hours cannot be used to replace missed class hours. Missed class material or clinic hours must be made up only as stated.

“Be a committed participant – build your record of hours and reach for “excellence”.