International Academy of Massage Complaint Procedure

International Academy of Massage is committed to the prompt and equitable resolution of student conflict issues to the satisfaction of both the student and the Academy.


Should you have any problems or concerns during your training period, the Academy encourages you to discuss them promptly with the staff member directly involved.


The Student Complaint Procedure is designed to provide students with both an informal and formal process whereby a student may request the review and resolution of a concern, if a satisfactory resolution has not been reached by way of the daily problem-solving activities between staff and students. In most cases, the communication will result in a time sensitive resolution.


Informal Complaint Procedure

Students are encouraged to address any concerns immediately and not to let a minor problem/concern develop into a major one.


The student has the right to present his/her concern and if desired, the student also has the right to be accompanied, at all times during the process, by an individual of his/her choice. In addition, the student can ask the individual who accompanies him/her to present the concern on his/her behalf.


Should the resolution to your concern/issue require further involvement or discussion, the student is encouraged to speak with the Program Director, who will provide guidance and assist with the communication process with the staff, faculty or another student member.

Formal Complaint Procedure

  1. In the case where a student is unable to achieve a satisfactory resolution using the informal direct discussion approach recommended above, the student can request that a more formal complaint procedure be launched.

To do so, a student must complete and sign an original Student Complaint Form (available from the Office Supervisor upon request/attached), recording his/her concern and documenting the student’s desired resolution. The student must submit the original form and one signed copy to the Program Director who will co-sign the forms in Part A, return the original to the student and keep the copy in the student’s academic file.


Tanya Sparkes, Program Director

International Academy of Massage

380 Forest St. Ottawa ON K2B 8E6

Telephone : 613 820 4046 Fax: 613 820-7478


  1. The Program Director will arrange to meet with the student within three working days of the date of receipt of the written complaint.   If, as a result of that meeting, the student and the Program Director decide to implement a mutually agreed to ‘complaint resolution plan’, then that decision, the reason for the decision, and a description of the resolution plan must be recorded by the Program Director in Part B on the student’s original complaint form. The original form must be co-signed by the student and the staff member in sub-section i) of Part B of the form.   The original must be returned to the student and a copy must be filed in the student’s academic file.


  1. If the student and the Program Director reach a mutually agreed to resolution in step 2 above, then the plan must be implemented and the Program Director must follow up to ensure the resolution plan satisfactorily resolves the concern.


Upon the mutually satisfactory resolution of the student concern, the Program Director will meet briefly with the student to close the concern and record in Part B of the original Student Complaint Form a confirmation that the concern has been satisfactorily resolved. The student and the Program Director will sign the declaration at the bottom of Part B.


The original form will be given back to the student and a copy will be filed in the student’s academic file.


A second copy will be filed in the Campus Student Complaint Binder and kept for 3 years.


Review Process


  1. When a student concern has arisen that could not be resolved to the student’s satisfaction, through the formal procedure outlined above, the student may initiate an a second stage review of the issue. The student must complete and sign Part C (Request for a Review) of the original Student Complaint Form setting out the reasons why stage one of the formal procedure resolution was unsatisfactory. The student will again keep the original form and a copy will be submitted to the Academy Principal.


Paul Raven, Principal

International Academy of Massage

380 Forest St. Ottawa ON K2B 8E6

Telephone: 613 820 4046 Fax: 613 820-4046


  1. The Academy Principalwill meet with the student within two (two) working days to confirm the understanding of the complaint and the rational for the request for a review.


  1. The Principal will then present the matter to the Education Committee to investigate the student’s concern within two (2) additional working days.


  1. The Committee will consist of a minimum of 3 people which may include: staff members from the administration department, faculty members, as well as, the Dean and the Principal. As the Program Director (also a member of the Education Committee) was involved in the prior stage, this position will not participate in this review, unless called upon to present the rationale for the original outcome. The position will not be involved in the final decision.


  1. The Committee will report to the student by completing and signing Part D of the Student Complaint form within seven (7) days of receipt of the original complaint by the Principal. The written report presented by the Principal to the student will include a summary of the investigation findings and the committee’s complaint resolution decision including the reasons for arriving at that decision.


  1. The student will be given the original signed copy of the student complaint form.   A copy of the student complaint form will be retained in the student’s academic file and a second copy will be placed in the Campus Student Complaint Binder, where it will remain for a minimum period of three (3) years. .


  1. The Principal will maintain this binder on site for possible annual inspection.


  1. If the student is not satisfied with the Academy’s decision after the review process, he/she can file a complaint with the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges, provided the student is attending a program approved under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Private Career Colleges Branch

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

77 Wellesley Street West

Box 977

Toronto, ONM7A 1N3