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About the Massage Therapy Program

19-Months – Classes, 4 Days per Week

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“Change Your Life – Become a Registered Massage Therapist”

This is a Full-time “FAST-TRACK” program completed in 79 weeks including 8 weeks of vacation/family time. It starts each March and September.

The Academy’s goal is to help prepare each student reach his or her personal goal of becoming a registered massage therapist to work as a professional in the healthcare industry.

The International Academy of Massage is located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and is a division of the International Academy of Applied Health Inc. which is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

The Massage Therapy program is a comprehensive 2318 hours of study, comprised of theory, practical application & supervised clinical and outreach sessions. Classes are generally conducted on a Monday to Thursday schedule, with public clinics on either Tuesday or a Wednesday evening after semester 1 and some participation on Saturdays for Sports Off-sites.

The program is currently presented in a hybrid format. Live online learning for academic and theory classes and onsite, in-person for hands on skills. Fall semester: M-T-W online and F at the Academy.

Upon graduation the student receives a diploma in Massage Therapy from the International Academy of Massage. The student is well prepared to undertake the examinations administered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario to become registered to practice in Ontario, and to earn the designation of Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.). To be registered as an R.M.T. in Ontario, you must have ‘landed immigrant status’ or be a Canadian citizen at the time of writing the Provincial examinations. You must also meet certain English or French language requirements, as established by the CMTO.

While International Students are not required to undertake the Provincial registration examinations, should they decide to do so, they must have achieved landed immigrant status  or a work permit to be eligible to write the Provincial examinations for registration in Ontario.

Massage Therapists in Ontario are principally self-employed health professionals, who work in a variety of settings such as:

• Massage therapy clinics

• Private practice

• Multi-disciplined professional offices, such as chiropractic or physiotherapy

• Health clinics

• Health spas

• Health and fitness clubs

• Rehabilitation centres

• Nursing homes

• Community health clinics

• Sports teams

• Cruise ships

• Hospitals and regional health centres

The International Academy of Massage strives to provide students with a Competency Based Education wherein learning is structured around the ‘real world’ role and function of a massage therapist and which facilitates graduates to become a success in this health care field. Any particular competency may include learning and behaviour related to practical skills, knowledge, reasoning, attitudes and values, all of which must work towards meeting the required standards for the industry.

The competencies for massage therapy are determined by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. They can be broadly defined as Health Sciences, Professional Development and Clinical Sciences, all of which are integrated within the program structure through the study of selected subjects and the practical application of massage techniques. The Academy’s objective is to provide an entry level of knowledge, which allows the graduate therapist to apply, with a strong sense of confidence, both academic and practical application principles, within the context of client care.

The Academy takes a special interest in the student and every effort is made to extend learning beyond the classroom. Students enjoy many opportunities for off-site training and benefit from a very favourable student/teacher ratio.

Participation in on-site and off-site clinicals, as well as, sporting events helps to develop the practical application of student studies. Additionally, the Academy retains an on-site R.M.T. Program Director to ensure that each student receives a well-balanced educational experience.

Students are welcome to make an appointment to tour the facilities and ask questions about the program in advance of making an application.

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