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Certificate Core NHP Program

There is a core level of knowledge common to all professional healthcare practitioners. The foundation for understanding the anatomy (the structure) and its physiology (how it works),  first aid and professional practices and ethics.

Each certificate program has 88 hours ( 4 credits) which form the core knowledge foundation. Once the core knowledge credits are completed, they can be applied to all of the certificates. This means each specialty certificate is generally an additional 5 units of study. Once a student has completed 1 certificate, the next specialty certificate will be completed with 5 more units of study in the chosen health specialty. ( A credit represents 24 hours of training, with the exception of First Aid.

This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

The NHP Core Program:

Core Program

  • Anatomy/Physiology NHP 1 & 2
  • First Aid
  • Professional Development
  • Ethics and the Healthcare Practitioner

Core Program

Anatomy/Physiology NHP 1 & 2: Learn about the skeletal & muscular systems, as well as, general terminology, cell growth & structural units.
Study of the nervous, endocrine, reproductive & digestive systems. Study of the urinary, cardio-vascular, respiratory & integumentary systems.  Study of the immune system, liver function & detoxification. The maintenance of body temperature, glucose and fluid levels: A&P NHP 1 & 2 Available by Home Study
First Aid: Learn how to handle emergencies. The course includes life-like training models and natural remedies. CPR/St. John Ambulance Certification. (16 hrs)
Professional Development: The expertise of consultation, presentation & assessment. An assimilation of guidelines that goes beyond basic training. (12 hrs)
Ethics & the Health Care Practitioner: This course is designed to introduce students to the professional role and commitment of practitioners as regulated healthcare professionals. The focus is on developing the student’s ability to understand the professional role and commitment, meet professional and ethical requirements of practice and develop skill in decision making. (12 hrs.)

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