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Certified Oriental Acupressure Practitioner

International Academy of Natural Health Sciences certificate programs do not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

This is a 14 credit certificate program designed to provide the required knowledge & competency skill to be able to apply acupressure techniques in support of a treatment plan to restore or improve a person’s health condition. Oriental Acupressure is a blend of Eastern bodywork healing techniques administered by the thumbs, fingers, palms, and sometimes, the elbows, knees and feet. Pressure is applied to the skin along the meridians, or energy channels, of the body. Oriental Acupressure therapy balances the functions of the human system, both physically and mentally, promotes and maintains optimal health, encourages the body’s natural healing system and is effective for treating some specific disorders.

Core Knowledge Subjects (8 credits)
(All subject descriptions for the Core Knowledge sector are located on the Academy’s website)

Human Sciences: 6
Anatomy/Physiology 1, 2, 3, 4
Nutrition 1, 2

Professional Practitioner Development: 2
Ethics & the Healthcare Professional (1/2)
First Aid & General Practice
Practical Professional Theory (1/2)

Oriental Acupressure Specialization ( 6 credits)
Eastern Theory/Therapies/Clinical:
Meridian Theory
Oriental Acupressure 1,2,3,4
Clinical Application

Oriental Acupressure 1:
1. To learn the background of Oriental Acupressure
2. To learn Oriental Acupressure theory, characteristics, health benefits, contraindications, guidelines for giving &
receiving Oriental Acupressure.
3. To learn hand & body positions, movement along the meridians, pressure, rhythm & timing.
4. To learn the names, order & direction of the 12 main Organ Meridians.
5. To define and use several (useful) Oriental Acupressure points
6. To perform a basic Full Body Treatment arms/legs/back/front

Oriental Acupressure 2:
1. To understand the background and philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
2. To learn the Five Vital substances in both harmony and disharmony: Blood: Body Fluids: Jing: Shen and Qi
3. To learn the fundamental characteristics of Yin / Yang Theory
4. To learn the clinical application of Yin /Yang Theory and correspondences
5. To introduce the concept of immunity in accordance with TCM principles
6. To learn the number of acupoints on the 12 Organ Meridians, plus Ren and Du Vessels.
7. To learn the Back Shu Points and their corresponding Front Mu Points in application
8. To learn the concepts of Solid and Hollow organs and their paired applications
9. To learn the concepts of Kyo and Jitsu and the application of tonification and sedation techniques in treatment.
10. To expand the basic treatment learned in Level 1 to include treatments on the neck, shoulders, legs, arms and

Oriental Acupressure 3:
1. To learn the concepts of Yin & Yang in both excess and deficiency: their clinical manifestation, assessment and treatment techniques
2. To learn the 12 Zangfu Organ Systems in both harmony and disharmony
3. To learn the Five Element Theory and associated correspondences
4. To understand the Five Element Theory as a clinical assessment tool
5. To supplement meridian based treatments in Levels 1&2 with Thai stretches

Oriental Acupressure 4:
1. To prepare the student to become an Oriental Acupressure practitioner.
2. To learn Oriental Analysis techniques for the assessment of a client’s condition based sound TCM principles and
case studies.
3. To prepare a Client Intake Assessment Form
4. To form and execute a Treatment Plan for the client
5. To learn additional Oriental Acupressure treatments

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