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Certified Reflexology Practitioner

This comprehensive 336 hour (14 units) certificate program is designed to provide you with a high level of knowledge to practice as a ‘Reflexology Professional’. The course will present a thorough understanding of the human body and the practice of Reflexology on individuals, within a wholistic perspective. It will also provide a platform of how to use Reflexology techniques in support of other health disciplines and on an individual therapy basis. This knowledge supports the client’s overall health care program, as they work towards restoring and maintaining health balance. Certificate recipients are eligible to join the Natural Health Practitioners Association and/or the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario. (www.rrco-reflexology.com) (A unit represents 24 hours of training)

“Pay as you go tuition plan” – tuition fees are paid at the time you take a subject.

This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Reflexology Specialization (6 units)
Reflexology 1
Reflexology 2
Reflexology 3
Reflexology 4
Oriental Acupressure 1
Clinical Application


Core Program (8 units)

  • Anatomy/Physiology 1-4
  • Nutrition 1, 2
  • First Aid
  • Professional Development
  • Ethics and the Healthcare Practitioner


Part-time Studies: Streamline your training – Some Units available through home study.

Reflexology Specialization

Reflexology 1: An introduction to the principles & theory of Reflexology, its effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, the zones of the hand & foot & specific reflexes for the major organs & glands. Hands on, practical experience. (24 hrs)
Reflexology 2: Reviews in detail the bone/muscle structure of the hands & feet relating it to the body systems & its reflexes. The endocrine system, lung analysis & advanced treatment techniques are presented & practiced. Hand Reflexology will be presented, as well as Dr. Lock’s foot adjustment methods. (24 hrs) Pre-requisite: Reflexology 1
Reflexology 3: This course continues to develop the in-depth knowledge gained from the previous two courses, with further emphasis on the hand. Advanced techniques & referral points for common discomforts & treating kidneys, gall bladder, ileocecal valve will be presented. Additionally, methods for treating lower back pain (L4, L5, sacrum) will be presented & discussed in detail. Discussion on the business aspect of operating a clinic will also form part of this course. (24 hrs)Pre-requisite: Reflexology 2
Reflexology 4: This segment takes the student to the next level of understanding which will be presented & discussed, including the necessity to keep accurate & timely records of client treatments. (24 hrs) Pre-requisite: Reflexology 3
Oriental Acupressure 1: Learn the oriental concept of energy balancing to create a healthy body. A finger pressure technique that is both pleasant & effective. (24 hrs)
Clinical/Community/Cases: Practical application of theory. (24 hrs) Pre-requisite: See Administration

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