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General Information Info@Intlacademy.com
International Academy of Massage: 613-820-4046
International Academy of Natural Health Practitioners: 613-820-0318
International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine: 613-820-4046
Toll-Free Line All Academies (Outside of the Ottawa Region): 1-800-267-8732
Admissions, Communications, and Operations Officer: 613-820-9934
Marshall Health Clinic Reception: 613-820-0421
Marshall Health Clinic Reception (Outside of the Ottawa Region): 1-800-267-8732
Marshall Health Clinic Product Ordering (Outside of the Ottawa Region): 1-877-711-1131

Appointment Booking
Student Acupuncture Clinic: 613-820-4046
Student Massage Clinic: 613-820-4046
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Marshall Health Clinic: 613-820-0421

Fax: 613-820-7478

E-mail: info@intlacademy.com

Website: https://www.intlacademy.com/

Postal Address
380 Forest Street
Ottawa ON K2B 8E6

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