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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I have Massage or Anatomy/Physiology/Pathology/Medical credits from another school, can I get credit for them?

A.        Upon request by the student at the time of application, the Academy will review subjects that might parallel courses that form part of the program structure. Each situation is reviewed on an individual basis. Should ‘transfer credits’ be approved, a partial adjustment may be made to the Tuition Fee. In the event a direct comparison is difficult, the Academy offers challenge examinations on some introductory subjects. This is a fee based option and can be discussed with the Program Director.

Q. What are the employment prospects for Massage Therapists?

A.       The opportunity for employment continues to be very promising for Massage Therapists. It is a growing profession that is part of the health care team providing primary care to clients and to the general population concerned with maintaining and enhancing health and well-being. Employment opportunities exist in private practice, clinic/group clinics, spas/health clubs, sports teams, chiropractic offices, physicians’ practices, sports injury clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, home care, and private companies. It is the Academy’s opinion that job availability and opportunity has been growing and as in any profession, if you are good at your profession, there can be a choice of opportunities on many occasions. The Academy does not guarantee a job or employment after graduation.

Q. How much study time will be required outside of regularly scheduled class time?

A.        Each student is different and there will be a variance in absorption rates, however, students will generally spend approximately 2 hours per day in study/practice in addition to class time. There are also on-site project assignments and home study hours required.  Student Clinics are generally held outside of class hours and schedules are posted well in advance of the dates. The 4 day class week schedule allows students an extra day to use for their studies.

Q. Are there costs over and above tuition?

A.        Very few. Books, various class notes, supplies, a First Aid certificate, outgoing telephone, access to hi-speed internet, academy wear and use of massage tables are included in the program fees. Additional expenses would be for massage oil, gel or lotion used by the student.  Students do not need to buy massage tables for personal practice. Whenever the Academy facilities are open, students are welcome to use the equipment to develop their practical skills. An estimate of both personal allowance expenses and optional fees which may or may not affect you is available upon enquiry and is also stated in the student agreement.

Q. What is the refund policy?

A.        The Academy follows the tuition fee refund policy as set by the Ontario Ministry of Education for Private Career Colleges. It is set out on the website and appears again in the student enrolment agreement. The application fee is non-refundable after acceptance. The first supplies & services fee is partly refundable under certain conditions e.g., books being returned in their original condition… the tuition fee refund amount is determined by the date of receipt of a written notice to withdraw from the program. Please read the tuition refund tab for the full information.

Q. What services are available to the student?

A.        The Academy has a resource room, student lounge with kitchen, shared locker facilities and practice rooms. Facilities are open to students whenever the Administration room is open throughout the week.

Q. If I am an INTERNATIONAL student or an Out of Province student and do not plan to work in Ontario after I graduate as a massage therapist, am I required to write the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario provincial registration examinations? Do I have a surcharge on tuitions?

A.        No. The value of your achievement is determined by earning the diploma issued by the Academy. There is no surcharge to International Student tuition fees.

Q. What are the qualifications of your teachers?

A.        All teachers must meet the standards set under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Massage Therapy classes are taught by registered RMT instructors and theory classes are taught by a highly qualified staff from a wide range of professional backgrounds. Please refer to the Academy’s website for a current listing of faculty.

Q. If I have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent level of education, do I need to take any prerequisite courses in order to apply to the Academy?

A.        No. While higher levels of education are helpful to the student, the Academy’s program is designed to provide the necessary subject matter to meet academic competency standards for the massage therapy program. No other pre-requisites or introductory courses are required.

Q.  Does the Academy participate in the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)?

A.        The Massage Therapy program is approved for OSAP to qualifying applicants.

The Academy also offers semester and a monthly payment program. Funding alternatives from various financial institutions will be discussed during an interview with the Principal.

Q. Is there an attendance policy?

A.        Yes. Full attendance is required and attendance is taken at each class and/or on-site or off-site event in accordance with Ministry guidelines. Historically, since this is a skill development program, full attendance is the best method to achieve your best performance results.

Q. Is there a dress policy?

A.        Yes. You are entering a regulated health industry wherein professional dress and dress codes are expected or are mandated. The Academy’s dress code is in effect whenever students are on the premises or attending a supervised off-site. The Academy’s colours are a mix of dark green, white, cream/beige and tan. Since the Academy is a health directed educational facility it is also a non-denim environment. The dress policy requires ‘crested’ attire each day. A set of Academy crested wear is provided by the Academy, which also includes a clinic uniform top. These are provided at no additional cost to the student and are part of the supplies fees. AdditionalAcademy wear can also be purchased.

Q.What is it like to live in Ottawa?

A.       Ottawa has been described as an ideal city for those who enjoy the outdoors. It has a significant number of parks, bicycle paths, walking trails, waterways and has a number of both summer and winter activities, with world class ski hills nearby. The cost of living is viewed to be reasonable and it is a city with a strong public transportation system. (Carling Avenue buses stop at the Academy.) There is little heavy industry since the majority of employment, centers around the Federal government and the High Tech industry.

Q. Why should I choose the International Academy of Massage?

A.        The 72 training week program is carefully structured to allow for step by step learning. Programs are structured generally on a four day week with 3 day weekends– this encourages a life balance and the opportunity for part-time work, family time and time to review the previous week’s lessons. The average course week is 30-32 hours. Academy facilities are available for co-operative learning and practice, after hours, on Fridays and weekends as available, subject to the Administration Office being open.

Transfer credits may be available for advanced standing & financial credits.

Professional learning environment with a low student/teacher ratio

Qualified and experienced faculty

Affordable – Pay as you learn with fee options payable throughout the year. Tuition fees are all inclusive, so you know your full costs in advance & can plan your finances.

* Employment Insurance applicants are welcome

In addition to holding on-site clinics the Academy has a superior outreach program providing students with an excellent opportunity to work with many types of individual situations.
Our graduates’ pass rate on the Ontario Registration Exams continues to be a success story.

An Academy goal is to help provide the environment and program for a student to reach his/her goal of becoming a professional member of the massage therapy vocation.

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