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RMT Position at The Massage and Treatment Clinic in Orleans
1224 Place D’Orleans Dr, Unit 110
Contact Amanda or Julie

Lets be honest every clinic is hiring so why would you choose to work with us??
Well let us tell you why…Positive challenging work environment, LOTS OF EXPERIENCE…Our Professional, Integrated, Established Clinic has maintained staff, some as long as 16 years!! as an independent contractor you are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you to see if we’re a good fit so we encourage you to ask our current staff all the pros and cons so you have no surprises.
We were Established in 2003 always owned and operated by RMTs, winners of the Consumers Choice award in 2008 and 2009, Health professional of the year winner 2016, Nominated as Finalist For Women Entrepreneurs of the year 2017 from The Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Awards.
Currently we are 9 RMT’s, a Chiropractor who focuses on providing quality manual based treatments, Registered Acupuncturist/TCMP, and a Holistic Nutritionist. We have room to grow after expanding over 4 years ago. We strive to give our health professionals a positive healthy work environment and team atmosphere. We do our best to promote the clinic locally in the community to help you grow your practice through social media, enewsletters, signage and involvement in the local Board of Trade and community organizations, as owners we are willing to do what it takes to keep our therapists as happy and as healthy as possible because without your success we don’t succeed.
We encourage self care and will never micro-manage. We are a FSCO licenced treatment clinic and as such we deal with a lot of MVAs (all administrative training provided and compensated for) we focus on clients suffering from chronic pain conditions so you must be comfortable with creating ongoing treatment plans and recommending a regular maintenance schedule for clients, we need staff that is empathetic and sensitive to the needs of these clients. We refer regularly for Physio, Chiro, Nutritionist and Acupuncture (Having the last two in house) and encourage you to do the same, an integrative approach we believe is the most efficient and effective way to treat clients and is the future of healthcare.
We strive to accommodate our staff as best as we can with proper equipment, additional training and resources (professional development days, electric tables, linen service, receptionist, online booking, encourage trade offs/self care, thermophores, LASER/Ultrasound/Electrotherapy/Thumper/Hot Stones available, 50% CEU courses paid).
We are looking for full time RMTs with a commitment to their clients and who are looking for an environment that will challenge them to grow within their profession. A 60/40 split is offered to start (negotiable based on experience and if you are bringing clients with you) with more opportunity to increase as you grow your practice, New Grads welcome, additional training provided!!
* Weekends/evenings are essential in the beginning to help build your practice*
Thank you and Look forward to hearing from you
Amanda-Lyn Smith RMT and Julie Tessier-Woodcock RMT

To apply for this job email your details to massageandtreatmentclinic@bellnet.ca

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