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A third party is looking to recruit a advanced massage therapy student interested in gaining experience with elite international road cycling athletes in a international competition setting.
The dates are July 15 to 23 at the Tour of L’Abitibi which is a prestigious international cycling stage race attended by the best amateur Junior men from around the globe. The Tour is a Stage race lasting six days where riders compete every day and the overall winner at the end has the lowest accumulated time- just like the Tour de France!

The massage therapist would be attending to the needs of six riders from the New Zealand National team on a daily basis, post race. Cyclists traditionally rely on massage to speed recovery in events such as this because the toll of daily competition wears riders down and reduces their capacity for work. Often the winner is decided by who can recover the best and perform optimally and consistently over the duration of the tour. The roll of the massage therapist is critical to the riders success.

While at the race the massage therapist will be fed and housed alongside the athletes and other staff. Transportation to and from the event will also be provided.

 This would be a very challenging placement for any massage therapist, so the candidate should have a passion for sport performance as well as strong durable hands and forearms as they will be as tired as the athletes come bedtime. We guarantee the experience and personal gratification had by being a key integral part of a successful team at an elite international sporting event will endure for a lifetime.
For more information: http://tourabitibi.com/?lang=en
If interested, please contact Brent Atkins at 819-684-2260.

To apply for this job email your details to info@intlacademy.com

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