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Natural Health Practitioner (Advanced) – Diploma Program


Natural Health Practitioner (1152 hours/48units) plus 672 hours (28 units)

This 1824 hour (76 units) diploma program prepares the student to become a specialist in a minimum of two health disciplines, as well as achieve higher knowledge levels in anatomy/physiology and other health sciences.

Pay as you go tuition plan” – tuition fees are paid at the time you take a subject.

Part-time Studies: Streamline your training – Some Units available through home study.
Evening/Weekend studies. Daytime option for several subjects can help accelerate the completion of your program.
Note: A student may enroll in this diploma program once he/she has completed a minimum of 40 units of study. While it may be a student’s personal mid-term goal, she/he needs to have established a commitment and sharp focus to their area of health specialty.

This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

The following is a listing of the courses required to complete the Natural Health Practitioner (Advanced) program:

Natural Health Practitioner (Advanced)

Natural Health Practitioner

Human Sciences
Anatomy 5, 6, 7,8
Pathology 4,5,6,7,8
Physiology 5, 6,7,8
In the event a student has accomplished a subject as part of the NHP, he/she would take an additional elective or interest course.

Provide the student with the opportunity to expand his/her knowledge in a particular field. Electives may be combined to meet the requirements for various diploma programs or used to complete an interest course requirement.

Student designates key areas of study focus to increase the depth of knowledge in their chosen health fields.
Choice of certificate programs as offered by NHSciences

Iridology 5,6,7
Nutrition 5,6,7

Interest Courses
Provide the student the opportunity to explore subjects outside of his/her particular area of focus or to add knowledge in the area of human sciences. A student may substitute Electives for Interest subjects.
Any subject area offered by one of the International Academy schools or sponsored by it. Pre-requisites may be required.

Clinical Application

Total Program Units: 76

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