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Oriental Therapies – Advanced

International Academy of Natural Health Sciences programs do not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Integrating Oriental Hands-On Therapies for Professional Use
This 21 credit certificate program combines related subjects from Eastern & Western studies to build this advanced certificate. Open to students registered in all International Academy schools and all subjects are inter-transferable, as appropriated.

Core Knowledge Subjects (8 credits)
Human Sciences: 6
Anatomy/Physiology 1, 2, 3, 4
Nutrition 1, 2
Professional Practitioner Development: 2
Ethics & the Healthcare Professional (1/2)
First Aid (St. John Ambulance) & Natural First Aid
Practical Professional Theory (1/2)

Oriental Therapies (13 credits)
Oriental Acupressure 1,2,3,4: 4 credits
Acupuncture Without Needles & Su Jok Therapy
Meridian Theory
Tai Chi
Tuina 1, 2: 2 credits
Clinical Application of Disciplines: 2.75 credits

Acupuncture Without Needles & Su Jok Therapy
In this course students learn acupuncture point stimulation methods that do not puncture the skin.  Methods include various techniques including laser, electric and magnetic stimulation as well as mechanical pressure. In an introduction to Su Jok therapy, students learn to treat a variety of conditions using this unique form of acupressure from Korea. (¾ credit) No pre-requisite

Meridian Theory
This course introduces, describes and identifies the location and basic function of the 12 regular meridians and the 8 extraordinary vessels.

Students learn the theory behind Qigong as well as develop various related skills such as the alignment of breath, physical activity and awareness. This course includes both academic and practical elements.

Tai Chi
Studying Tai Chi allows students to learn to balance their own energy, manage their stress load and generally improve their health by simply practicing the techniques learned in class. Through the practice of Tai Chi, the students can experience the actual, practical physical embodiment of Yin and Yang and how they evolve, change and interact with each other, the meridian system and how these energies conduits feel as they flow through the body as well as Qi and how to generate, gather and store it. This introductory course involves studying the Yang Style Short Form, otherwise known as the Yang Style 24 Form.

Tuina 1
Students evolve a basic understanding of tuina manipulations such as pushing with one finger, rolling and kneading, rubbing, scrubbing, flat pushing, foulage, wiping, shaking, vibrating, pressing, digital pressing, grasping, holding/twisting,patting, digital striking, tapping, flicking, rotating, carrying, pulling, traction-counter-traction. The use of Tuina to treatment common pain-related ailments is presented and discussed.

Tuina 2
Students learn to complete a full body massage, facial massage and self-massage using tuina. It’s principles as a TCM treatment modality are also presented and discussed.


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