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Referral Reward Program for Registered Practitioners

Dear RMT /TCM Practitioner

Often prospective students applying to the Academy inform us that they discovered it through a professional practitioner. Sometimes the referring practitioner is a graduate from another school. Whether they know you professionally or are friends/family, it is through your encouraging words and the confidence that you exhibit in the Academy’s ability to provide them with a quality level of education, that these individuals choose to apply to the International Academy.

The Academy is very grateful to each of you for this support. To show its appreciation, the Academy has instituted a “Referral Reward Program”. As a Alumni or, if you are a Registered Professional / graduate of another school, for any student applying and starting into the full-time massage therapy or acupuncture rogram, as a result of your referral, you will receive the delivery of a Standard Thermophore for use in your business. Referrals will be confirmed after the school program is underway (April & September).


Let us know who you refer and ensure they also tell us about you. Vivian Zhou is the Office Supervisor in charge of this program. Please feel free to email Vivian at Vivian@intlacademy.com or contact the Academy at 613-820-4046 or Toll Free 800-267-8732. You are an important part of the Academy’s heritage and we look forward to your long term association and support.

Aileen Kay Tesoro
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Program Guidelines:
1. The referred student must be registered in the Academy for the first 3 weeks of the program.
2. Each referral will result in an additional Thermophore for use in your business.


Paul Leduc (picking up for his brother, Marc)

Helena Mancini

Christine Lamothe (picking up for fellow RMT, Tatjana Gavrilovic)

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